It’s fair to say that no one wants to lodge an insurance claim, especially when it’s triggered by an inconvenient or even life-changing event. We sometimes hear clients say they’re worried the claims process will ‘take forever’ and that dealing with insurance companies can be difficult. To make this a smooth process for everyone involved, here are our tips for an efficient claims experience.

A claims consultant processes a claim based on the information they receive, so providing them with the right information in a timely manner is key.


Some tips are to:

  • Limit further damage by engaging a tradesperson to fix the problem quickly*. For example, if you have a burst pipe, call a plumber as soon as possible and do not wait for the insurance company to send someone.
  • Call your insurance company or broker and notify them about the damage.
  • Take photos of the damage being claimed.
  • Try not to throw any of the damaged items away. If you must dispose of the items, be sure to take photos beforehand.

* it is usually a general condition or requirement under your policy that you take all reasonable steps to reduce the damage and to prevent any further damage from occurring.

If you engage a tradesperson, ensure they are a reputable and qualified repairer and always request an itemised quote or invoice. It’s important to remember that insurers will only cover what is reasonable and necessary. Your broker can provide you with a list of panel repairers if needed.


Communication between you and your insurer

As floods, cyclones, and bushfires are becoming all too common, the number of claims being lodged is increasing. Unfortunately, this can cause delays. As a policyholder, you always have the right to know how your claim is progressing and what actions will be taken. If you haven’t received an update from your insurer on the status of your lodged claim, it’s best to call them or send an email. Make sure you have your claim number on hand, as this is the fastest way for the consultant to look up your claim.

Your insurer should be honest and transparent with you. If they have higher than usual call and email volumes, this should be communicated when you lodge a claim or send any correspondence.


A final note                 

Every claim and insurance policy is treated on its own merit. We encourage you to speak to your insurer or broker for further details on your cover.


Megan Peacock

Team Leader – Risksmart Property

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