Claims Management for Insurers

With the increasing frequency and severity of catastrophic events in Australia, the seasonal flux of claims numbers is becoming more significant, placing greater resourcing strain on insurers and coverholders. Given the current focus on the financial industry by regulatory bodies and consumers, insurers can ill-afford any adverse impact to service levels, reputation and compliance with industry codes.

In order to meet best practices and control claims costs, underwriters and coverholders are well placed to engage a proactive and experienced claims management provider. Risksmart have a proven track record of providing efficient and timely resolution of claims as a third party administrator for local and global insurers under delegated authorities.

By engaging Risksmart as the TPA, your business will achieve the following key objectives:

  • Reduce claim lifespans through proactive management and early resolution.
  • Avoid the cost and resource drain of recruitment and training extra staff.
  • Control claim expense costs through effective in-house management and desktop assessment.
  • Ensure best claim outcomes through our high level of specialist product knowledge.
  • Refine risk selection practices using our sophisticated data analytics and risk reporting.
  • Maintain Insured confidence through a high level of claims management service.

Risksmart have capabilities in a variety of classes of insurance including

Commercial & Residential strata

Commercial & Residential landlord

Public Liability

Product Liability

Debt Recoveries

Contract Works

Employment Liability

Industrial Special risk

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