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It’s time for a clean start on your insurance strategy

It’s time for a clean start on your insurance strategy As CFOs, bosses and facility managers try to evaluate or renew their all-important insurance policies, two key factors often work against them – a lack of insurance expertise and a shortage of time. There is no doubt that conducting reviews of insurance strategies, or managing client and public liability claims,…

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NSW GOVERNMENT’S CONSTRUCTION    ACTIVITY PAUSE: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW In response to the COVID-19 outbreak in NSW, the Government has announced restrictions to construction activities. To assist insureds who have outstanding claims and those whose properties are undergoing works, we have summarised the latest restrictions and what they mean for current construction activities and insurance claims. WHAT HAS…

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Managing Risk the Smart Way – Part 3 of 3: Occupier’s Liability – Flooring

Approximately 42% of personal injury cases that require medical attention in Australia are due to falls of some sort. These can be caused by slippery flooring or the presence of contaminants on the floors of premises, particularly those with heavy foot traffic (such as shopping centres, retail shops, supermarkets, or workplaces). The property occupier’s failure to comply with safety standards can result in personal injury claims from individuals who slip and sustain injuries on the premises. There are simple measures occupiers can take to reduce risk…

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