If you have been impacted by the current weather events, please contact your Honan broker or you may contact Risksmart on (02) 8297 1722 for our assistance.

Safety is a priority, so please continue to follow the advice of your local authorities. Please only return to your property if it has been deemed safe.

If you discover a loss that requires emergency repairs to prevent further damage/loss, we recommend you take appropriate action to mitigate (lessen where possible) your loss. You may contact our below approved panel assessors and repairers if you require assistance:


Emergency contact Ph: 1300 73 6000 (24 hours)

Email: reception@johnslyng.com.au



Emergency contact Ph: 1300 766 216  (24 hours)

QLD Email: qldbaybuilding.com.au

NSW Email: nsw@baybuilding.com.au



Emergency contact Ph: 1300 878 687 (24 hours)

QLD Email: officeqld@advancedbuildings.com.au

NSW Email: operationsnsw@advancedbuildings.com.au


With more extreme weather expected, please continue to follow the advice of your local authorities, and stay safe.


Please note that each claim will be assessed on its merits and claims acceptance is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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