At Risksmart, maintaining genuine connections with our people, clients and partners is at the core of what we do. In this Q&A, we share a little about what inspires us, how we support each other through challenges and wins, and what sets us apart as a team.

The crux of WHY Risksmart exists?

We take the stress and resource drain out of claims, allowing our clients to get back to business.

A quote to capture our team’s ethos.

“I’m not afraid, To take a stand, Everybody, Come take my hand. We’ll walk this road together, through the storm. Whatever weather, cold or warm.”  EMINEM

We are with our clients…all the way.

If we were a sports team, we’d be called …

Risksmart Rattlesnakes. Tssss.

One client / customer we are particularly inspired by right now, and why?

It’s hard to pick just one client as so many have inspired us with remarkable resilience during the pandemic, but if we have to select one…. we are always impressed by the innovation of ALDI Stores. We’re particularly inspired by their ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental impact. It’s a critical issue and they are leading the way.

Reflecting on the year to date, our top 3 headlines are:

  1. We launched our new website and re-brand!
  2. Helping our clients change their risk management practices to stay resilient during COVID-19
  3. Learning that we can stay productive and connected while we are apart.

How do we support each other through challenges and wins alike?

The team banter is excellent! We share tips and views on claims strategy and celebrate each other’s wins – often combined with discussions about the best place to get dumplings and speculating about the weather for the weekend.

If we could pick one brilliant person – dead or alive – to join our team, who would it be and why?

Robin Williams. Brilliance, wit and humour.

Because… “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world” – Robin Williams

Looking ahead, over the next 6-12 months, we are most looking forward to…

Working with new clients, getting back into the office, and eventually seeing our clients face-to-face without a computer screen in the way! We will also be watching the outcome of the AFCA BI test case. We might have to start up a sports team too – who can let a name like Risksmart Rattlesnakes go to waste?

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