At Risksmart, we are always looking to innovate, finding ways to use technology and data to enhance risk management solutions for our clients. One such innovation is Indigo by Honan, an online risk management portal, designed and developed internally, that provides the ability to transform years of claims and incident data into big picture trend analysis and loss forecasting, custom-built to the customer’s needs, and enabling higher quality, data-driven business decisions as a result. We are delighted to announce that Indigo by Honan has been recognised as a winner of the Insurance Business Australia 5-Star Technology awards, which identify the companies that have provided some of the most innovative insurance technology solutions the market has ever seen. Congratulations to Poppy FoxtonStuart MaddenFaramarz OstowariRafael SoaresShobhit Soni and the team on this win and to all those on the list!

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